A Cold Mountain Day In Colorado

Photographing After a Huge Snowfall

While out in Colorado a couple of years ago the area was hit with a huge amount of snow. When people who are used to huge amounts think that they got nailed then you know that it was big. Once everything cleared I went out to make some photos. For someone who likes snow and old barns I was in heaven. It seemed as if everywhere that I looked there was another barn just waiting to be photographed. As the hot and humid end of August continues I thought back to that nice cold day in Hahn’s Peak, Colorado. You can throw on layers to deal with the cold. When you are out in the heat there is only so much that you can do. I would love to get back out west this winter for a few days.

Dealing With the Bluebird Day

In Colorado they talk a lot about the bluebird skies. A perfect day to a local is one that does not have a cloud in the sky. As a photographer you want something in the sky otherwise the photo can get boring. Here I didn’t want the boring sky to take up too much of my frame so I put as little of it as I could in the shot. I love to include a lot of sky in my photos, but if it does not add to the picture, then it has to be cut out.

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