A Sunset in Martinsville

Watching the Sun Set Over a Corn Field

A couple of nights ago I was getting ready to leave my brother’s house as the sun was setting. He has a great view of the sunsets, and I may have stalled a few moments in order to see this one. The sunset was fantastic, but I needed something in the foreground. I ran across the street to a t-intersection hoping that something of interest would be there. I made some very wide photos, but in the end I think that I liked this detail shot with the sunset in the bokeh the best.

Focusing on the Details

As I said above as the light was fading I decided to make a couple of silhouettes. I don’t do this very often, but here I thought that it might work. This is something that I don’t do often enough. I am a completionist to a fault I think sometimes. I really need to include a lot in my frame. Sometimes you can tell a story with very little.


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