The Laughing Gull

Watching the Black Headed Gull

While in Maryland I could not help but watch the laughing gull. They are everywhere, and they make themselves known. They have a  loud screech which is very audible, and gives the gull its name. They are also very bold. On the boardwalk they actually stole part of my lunch one day as well as taking the famous boardwalk fries from many vacationers.

I made this photo while looking at the horses of Assateauge Island. A storm started to roll in while I was out on a walk, a bunch of birds flew overhead. I decided to try my hand at making bird photos. I liked how this one turned out even though it is of a gull. They were a part of my vacation, and why not include them here?

Editing the Photo in Lightroom 5

The grey skies of an approaching storm really makes this a rough photo. The gull needs to be white, and I had to work a bit to get it there. The auto white balance in the camera was fooled so I had to adjust my white balance in post. Of course I shoot RAW so that is no problem. From there it was a couple of minor tweaks to the white and black sliders to bring out both a bit more. This is a great way to bring in more contrast. I also cropped in a bit since I was shooting with the 70-200mm lens. I would have loved to have taken my 300mm lens, but for the limited shots I would use it for it would not be worth lugging it across the country. Here the 70-200mm once again proved to me what a great lens that it is.


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