Go Pro Video: Photographing the Sunrise Over the Ocean City Pier

Using the Lee Big Stopper to Photograph a Sunrise

While in Ocean City I made a couple of videos of some of my shoots. On my way home I was kind of upset with myself for not making a time lapse of the sunrise. I was only going to use a snippet of the video in a how to form, but then I decided to just speed the video up. This takes up more space on my hard drive, but does give the same feel as a time lapse. I used the GoPro Studio once again here, and I sped the video up 2000%. I also adjusted the exposure and contrast a bit on the video to show the beauty of the morning. The GoPro was trying to give me something that was 18% grey, but that was boring. The photo of the day for tomorrow was taken during this video. Another thing that I love about the video is watching the seagull trying not to get into the surf, but still getting as close as possible to it. While I was waiting for my exposures it gave me something to watch.


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