A Telephoto Sunset

Photographing the Sun with a Telephoto Lens

This is one of the things that they tell you not to do. You should not photograph the sun with a long lens. For example a 300mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter on it will get you to about 420mm. That could do some damage to your eye. On the other hand if you are leaving a baseball game, and you see the sight that is above you may change your tune. This is just what happened to me this past spring as I was walking out of the gates of Alexander Field after a ballgame. The sun looked gorgeous, and instead of getting home 10 seconds quicker to edit my photos I stopped to make a photo. I just moved my monopod up to make one last photo. Sometimes the shots that you don’t plan at all are the best.

Editing This Photo in Lightroom 5.5 and Photoshop CC

As I said above this shot was not planned at all. I was walking out of the stadium with the rest of the crowd when I stepped to the side to make the photo. I was still at ISO 3200 from the game, and although I changed a couple of other settings I failed to change that one. The photo was a bit bright for me so the first step here was to adjust the exposure in Lightroom. After making a couple of small adjustments there I then sent the photo to Photoshop CC to work on it there. My only goal was to get rid of the two power lines that ran right through the photo. They really distracted me, and I wanted them gone. Using the content aware tool I was able to get rid of the power lines, and save this photo. The beauty of the content aware tool is that you can barely tell that this was done. I really need to get better at using Photoshop, but with this one tool the program does all of the work for me.

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