Neon At O’Rear’s Pastry Shop

The Neon Sign of O’Rear’s Pastry Shop

This is a photo that I made a couple of years ago. It was during my photo 365 project, and I would look for anything interesting to photograph. I always liked this sign as it had many different colors that looked great at night. When I made this image I knew that I should have been there earlier during blue hour. As it was I jumped out of the car, made the image, and then hopped back into the car. I always said that I would go back at the right time to make this image again. That is the problem with saying that you will come back to photograph a location. Things can change quickly. The sign looks nothing like this now, and I won’t have a second chance. I am happy with how this photo turned out though. I thought that it was fitting to post this image today after my post above about Thomas Hawk and his love for neon signs.

Editing This Photo in Lightroom 5

As I said above this was a quick capture. This was not a well thought out picture with the perfect conditions present. This was a three shot HDR image that was processed in Photomatix 4. I then took the 32 bit image back into Lightroom. Back in Lightroom I started off by using the HDR Look preset by Matt Kloskowski. From there I adjusted the vibrance, highlights, exposure, and contrast to get the look that I wanted. In the end I liked the final image.

Photo Sale!

This image and all of my others on my website here are now 50% off until Labor Day. I thought that after the long winter that we endured a photo sale was in order. If you like the photo above just click on it, and you will be taken directly to the image on SmugMug. If you just want to browse my online portfolio you can click on the link below. Just enter the code ‘summer’ at the checkout for your savings.

50% Off


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