Last Stand of the Trees

Photo of the Day

When I was out in Colorado a couple of years ago they were taking down this beautiful woods as part of a tree harvest. I am not normally a person who wants to save every tree, but out there in a place that the bugs had just taken out a large portion of the trees they start to have a purpose. A landscape photo needs something in the foreground to give the photo depth. The trees out there give you a depth and a scale that really makes the photos what they are. I chose this spot to make this photo because this was an untouched portion of the woods. Just to the left of the frame the woods had been demolished. I wanted a shot to preserve the memory that I had of this lane.

Technical Data

This photo was one that I knew right away would be great for black and white. I used the HDR in black and white preset by Matt Kloskowski in Lightroom. I was using that preset a lot when I first found it. From there I had a lot of work to do removing spots from the photo. While photographing with my fisheye lens the trees started to shed some of their snow, and I did not get it off of my lens. That creates way too much work in post. I also shot at a low f-stop to make the sun have that star burst effect. That made every spot show up on the lens. It was worth it though I think.

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