Among the Flowers

Photo of the Day

This past week I photographed my step-daughters pre school class for the final time. It was a bittersweet day for sure. I was happy to see her taking the next step, but she also had a lot of friends in that class that she will not see again. Over the course of the last two years I have also made many photos of those kids. It was classified as volunteer time for me, but it was so much fun how can you name it? Kids make the best photo subjects, and I enjoyed making their photos. I was guided to this daisy by one of the kids telling me that it would be a good photo. She had a pretty good eye so today the photo of the day is that daisy. In two years I will be back at the Montessori with my own daughter. I have seen what the school has done for the children this past year. They really grow into the men and women that they will be later in life at this age. The Montessori school helps them grow in their own way. It is a great experience that I can’t wait for my own daughter to go through.

Technical Data

For this photo I did not have to do much. I did have to process the RAW file, but that is just a few slider tweaks. I did try and bring out the beauty in the flower. Compared to some of my landscape work though this was a very easy edit.

Photo Sale!

I have placed all of my photos that are for sale on SmugMug on sale for the rest of the summer. My editorial images are there for storage only, but anything else is for sale. If you like a photo this might be the time to buy a print. If you use the coupon code “summer” you will be able to own a print for 50% off. You can visit my site here if you like. Some of my favorite works are now on sale including some of the stadium portraits that have become fairly popular. I have placed a few other works onto the site as well so that they can be part of the sale. The photos have not yet been released on this blog, but you can own one before that happens.

50% OFF

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