The Fire Spreads

Photo of the Day

A few days ago I posted a picture that I called ‘Fire at Steamboat Lake.’ I really liked that photo, and it was part of a look back at the photos that I made in Colorado a year ago. Here is a photo taken with my 10-20mm lens instead of my 70-200mm lens. Sometimes at a scene that you are really enjoying it is best to try and use the newspaper method when photographing it. You get in tight, and then get some medium and wide shots just to capture everything. I love the tight shot, but there is something about this wide shot that I love. The small picture size allowed by this blog does not do this photo justice. Click on the photo to see it larger to get the full effect of it.

Technical Data

I processed this photo pretty much the same way that I processed the other photo taken with my telephoto lens. I started with Matt Kloskowski’s Lightroom preset called ‘The HDR Look.’ From there it was a matter of tweaking the sliders to get the image to something similar to what I saw on the day. Maybe just a bit better. Photos like this are fun to edit as it allows me to work the sliders to get what I want out of the RAW file.

Print Info

I own this photo as a small panoramic print. You can too! Just click on the picture and you will be taken to my SmugMug site where you can purchase this photo. I have this next to my blue hour photo of the Golden Gate bridge that is also a panoramic.

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