Fire Over Steamboat Lake

Photo of the Day

About a year ago I spent a week out in Colorado enjoying the sights. We stayed in the small town of Hahn’s Peak which is just outside of Steamboat Springs. In an area like this you can literally point your camera in any direction and make an interesting picture. Here we have a scene that I was hoping would come to much more than it did. I thought that the entire cloud might light up giving me a fantastic picture. Sometimes though it is the subtle things that look the best. The way that they sun lights up the bottom of the clouds makes it appear as if a fire is heading towards Hahn’s Peak. I have come to really like this photo.

My brother is actually out there right now, and I am very jealous of him. For someone snowed in here in Indiana I really wish I could track through some of the deep snow to make some pictures of the mountains.

Technical Data

I waited a long time with my tripod ready to make this image. As I said above the sky did not pan out like I had hoped that it would. With that in mind I edited to make what did happen stand out. I brought the orange glow of the setting sun more to the front by adjusting the vibrance. I also adjusted the white balance a bit. This was a fun photo to edit, and maybe next year I can make a few more like it.

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