The Delivery

Tim McElroy pitching during the Gold and Black series

Photo of the Day

Friday night I took the Canon 5D Mark III out to the Purdue Sports Complex to try a couple of things. My main goal was to use the multi exposure function that is on the camera. That is where you set the camera to take multiple exposures and fuse them in camera to show the movement of a subject. This seems like it would be easy, but you have to really have several things in your favor. One of them seems to be that you want to shoot at night. The images that I see online that really pop have all been shot at night. You don’t have the contrast during the day to get what you need. A pitcher who really rears back, and then rocks forward is also nice. Tim Lincecum really comes to mind as a perfect subject for this experiment. A clean background also helps. I tried this same experiment at the Purdue Soccer game, and anyone in the background really ruins the shot. I found a location that would help me achieve my goal, and I set out to make this image. The first pitcher that I saw for the gold team was Kyle Wood. Kyle has a motion that I love to photograph from straight on. It really looks great there. Kyle stays very tight during his delivery though. That made for a lot of pictures with part of his face hidden. The Boilers made a call to the pen though, and brought in Tim McElroy. Tim had a delivery that seemed perfect for what I wanted to do. Within a couple of attempts I had my shot.

Technical Data

Most of the above actually was technical data. For an experiment like this it almost has to be. I did perform a few adjustments in Lightroom to help Tim stand out a bit more.


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