A Complex Pad

Photo of the Day

This photo is one that I always wished that I had to do over again. I shot it out of the tram that was taking us around NASA in 2006. I took one shot in auto mode on a moving vehicle. I would have loved to be in front of this to compose it a bit better. Ever since watching ‘The Right Stuff’ as a kid I was amazed at what we were able to accomplish in space. On my way to a Purdue bowl game I stopped by NASA to see where it all started. Of course the movie showed all of the astronauts listed here going through the process of becoming astronauts. I was really cool to see the historic pads where a lot of history happened. I need to get back down there to see it again. There was so much to take in the first time, but I have some ideas of what I would like to see again. I also have some better equipment in order to get some cool pictures.

Technical Data

This was an easy edit. I used a Trey Ratcliff preset for Lightroom called Sunday Time Alone. It gave the picture the older feel that I was looking for. A couple of slider adjustments after that, and it was ready to go. I like using presets on some of these older pictures because it gives them an older feel. At a place with such history I think that works even better.

One Reply to “A Complex Pad”

  1. Actually I think this shot is perfectly composed! I like the vignette as it brings my eye right into the trees and the sign. The sign tells me exactly what I am looking at in terms of subject matter. Then the sign is not completely center which actually provides a little bit of tension. Also one of the trees is cut off just a titch at the top which also adds a little bit of drama. Love the colors and the filter you used is done so to good effect. So, I think for the conditions you mentioned it is indeed a great photograph! what does the original look like?

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