Lightroom 5 Beta Test: Milwaukee City Hall

lightroom 5 test-2

Photo of the Day

Today I decided to try something new. I have known about the Lightroom 5 Beta for a couple of days now, but had yet to try it. Today I decided to see what I could do with the software. I will get more into the technical details in the technical section of the post. I really liked the clock tower that is part of Milwaukee’s City Hall. The problem was that even with my wide angle lens it was just too big. No matter what I did to get it in my picture it seemed to just look too warped. As you can see below I found a way around that. I am glad that another picture from my early morning Milwaukee photowalk can be posted. A small change made it one of my favorites from the trip.

Technical Data

There are a couple of features of this new software that I was very interested to try out. The first was the new upright feature. It takes an image that was shot from an unusual perspective with perhaps the wrong lens, and makes it viewable. The new feature is located under the lens corrections tab. There are several ways to use the new tool to give you the best result possible. This is a great way to save an image that you have really failed in taking. That is why I chose this photo for this post. The picture was way too skewed to show previously. Now I can show exactly what I saw in person.There are many other new tools that are very cool as well. One of them that was much needed was the change to the spot removal tool. Instead of trying to form many circles to get rid of your object or buying the new Photoshop program to use that content aware brush you can now do it all inside of Lightroom. The tool can still be used as a circle, but more importantly you can now use it as a brush. I used the brush to clean this sky up a bit. Just for fun I removed a bird that was flying in the sky. It was not harming my picture, but it was good practice for the new brush. The Beta for the program is only available until the end of June so I have some time to play with it before the new software comes out. From what I have seen so far though I will have Lightroom 5 the day that it comes out. I will have a couple more posts using this software before it happens though. I do not have my whole catalog in the beta right now, but I do have a few pictures set aside to try out some of the new features. To edit the picture I used a Matt Kloskowski preset. The preset was the HDR Strong 2 look that I rarely use. I think that it really helps this picture a lot.

Just for fun I have included the picture straight out of the camera below. As you can see I had some work to do here.

lightroom 5 test

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