Framed Empire

framed empire

Photo of the Day

Enough of the sports already. This is a picture that I liked very early on, but it needed a lot of work. I took this in 2008 when we visited New York as part of our yearly sports adventure. Those trips have now gone away, but they were fun while they lasted. On an off day we took the tourist route. This picture was made on the same water taxi that a few other pictures that have been on this blog were made. This was a very productive little ride for me. Earlier on this blog I had a post showing the Empire State Building framed in by the Brooklyn Bridge. This picture was taken just a few minutes later just down the river, and I thought that the same thing would work again. I like the idea of a bridge shot, but a landmark framed in the background really makes it for me.

Technical Data

I tried a few different things with this photo over time. This was shot with my old Canon Rebel XT with a very dirty sensor. As I have said before on this blog I did not know that my sensor was dirty at the time. I cleaned up most of the offending spots with the clone tool in Lightroom. After trying a few looks I decided to use Silver Efex Pro 2 that was part of my recently purchased Nik Software Suite. I loved this look that I was given using the Full Dynamic (harsh) preset. It really made my image stand out. Of course it also made many more dust spots stand out. I took the image back into Lightroom, and moved all over the image using the healing brush to clean up all of the new spots that now appeared. Once I poured over the shot (probably missing a couple) I exported the photo. I really like a lot of these shots from that trip, but they require much more work than necessary. I will have to really test my sensor before a big trip so that I never have to do this again.

2 Replies to “Framed Empire”

  1. I’m a fan of the baseball photos, because I’m a fan of the baseball. But I like this one, too. I keep going back to it, and finding new things to see. Very cool.

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