Diving Back In

Purdue OSU DH-6

Sports Photo of the Day

Here is another of the very popular sports photos that I post on this little blog. I say that tongue in cheek because the sports photos really don’t get any love here. I love to shoot sports though so I will post some of the photos that I really like on here. I took this photo yesterday during a doubleheader at Purdue. I was concentrating more on getting some action shots yesterday as opposed to the overall experience as with Opening Day the day before. I think that it showed up a bit in my images. I put my images up on my Facebook page here if you want to see some of what I did yesterday. Baseball is a weird animal to photograph. In a way it is very much a repeated cycle. The pitcher throws to the batter. You can get many pictures of the pitcher to make sure that you have found the spot of spots in his form that is photogenic. You can also focus on the batters to get the ball on the bat, or a good followthrough. Sometimes though you already have that. If you have a good shot of a player hitting the ball it pretty much looks the same for a groundout or a home run. With that in mind you need to turn your attention elsewhere. In this instance I decided to try and make an image similar to the one you see above. I just sat on this picture hoping that Kyle Wood would dive back into the back. Luckily for me he did, and I was rewarded for my patience. That isn’t always the case. When Purdue is in the field, and I have my pitcher shots already I will sit on a particular fielder hoping for a nice play. I have gotten them after a short run, but I have yet to pick the right player for the bang-bang play. When I do I am sure that it will make its way onto this blog. When the sun is out, and the temperature warms up the only thing better than watching a baseball game is making pictures at one.

Now that the weekend of baseball is over this blog can go back to normal for a couple of days. I will be sure to post some nice landscape shots in order to please my audience. This blog is about my journey as a photographer though, and the last two days were big steps in that journey.

Technical Data

The great thing about baseball pictures is the fact that if you expose correctly in camera you don’t have to do much to them in post. In fact I made a total of two adjustments in Lightroom. I performed a small crop to tighten this up a bit, and I brought back a little of the shadow data so that his face was a bit more visible. Compared to my process for an HDR image this was no time at all. Edit in under 30 seconds? I could get used to that.


9 Replies to “Diving Back In”

  1. Not true. Good sports pictures are hard to take. I think you do a great job with them….more baseball please. This one is particularly good…dirt flying in front of the base & off the guy’s spikes….excellent.

    1. I do have a pass. It is a great arrangement that allows me to shoot in the pits in return for giving them some of my pictures. Just contact the sports information department and see if they will have you.

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