He Shoots…

Chad Manista goal

Photo of the Day

Today for my sports photo I thought that I would post this one of Chad Manista from the lone Purdue Hockey game that I have been to. I really like hockey, and you can probably tell be reading this blog that I like Purdue. This picture came from the lone Purdue Hockey game that I have attended. The problem is that the hockey team is a club, and they do not play on campus. They have really played all over the last few years to the point they really don’t have a consistent home arena. Every game is an away game, and every practice is as well. I like this picture from my first hockey game for a couple of reasons. The first is that I rarely shoot hockey. I have shot three hockey games with my dSLR since 2007. It is hard, and shooting through the glass costs you at least a stop of light. I like this shot because of the jersey number for one. I can say that I focused a bit on him because he was #27. I also like that this shot resulted in a goal. Their are many things that I would do differently here, and I really want to shoot some more hockey to see what I can do here. I would like to see how far I have come in the last couple of years. That day I was happy to just have the players in the frame. Now I would like to capture a moment. I would like you to know that a goal was scored instead of telling you. One thing that was funny to me is that a couple of years later the pictures that I took in 2010 still show up in the Google image search for the team. I might be able to fill the first page if I attend another game.

Technical Data

I used the light sports preset on this photo in Lightroom. From there I had just a little work to do to make this a better picture. I panned quickly to get this shot so it was just slightly crooked. I used the crop feature to both move in a little as well as straighten this shot. I also adjusted the exposure and shadows a bit so that I could see the face of the player. I would love to get a second shot here to see what I could do. I have a couple of ideas of ways to make my pictures better.

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