The Thrill of Victory

Photo of the Day

I realize that my sports photos don’t always go over so well on here so I think that is why they have been getting posted with another picture on the day. I know that the landscape shots really seem to get the likes on here, but I really started getting into photography for the sports shots.

In 2006 I was first introduced to Grand Valley State Football. I went up to catch a game with a friend who was going there at the time. I was quickly hooked, and I made it back when the Purdue schedule allowed. I was lucky enough to get to all of the playoff games that season including the championship game in Florence, Alabama. GVSU won that game, and I rushed the field with everyone else. With some clever thinking I ended up right in front of the stage where the trophy was presented. For some reason the players seemed to think that I was supposed to be there so they posed for me. That led to one of my favorite shots that I have taken. That one will be posted later, but for now enjoy this shot of the team enjoying the fruits of their labor.

Technical Data

This shot was one that I liked, but when I ran it through Lightroom I liked it even more. I used one of Matt Klsokowski’s Sports Lightroom presets. The later ones really seem to make my football shots look great. I am using that preset for a project that I am working on for Thursday. That is the extent of the work that I did to this shot. Although with a preset it is a lot of work in a short period of time.

4 Replies to “The Thrill of Victory”

  1. Love the gritty sports preset. I went to the Nebraska Minnesota game last Saturday, my husband is the fan, I’m the photographer and took just a “few” photos. But I love the result I’m getting with them in LR4. Matted a couple of 5×7 to 8×10 today at the shop and they really pop.

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