The Gates of Hell

Photo of Day

These gates do not look that bad, but during the Civil War many atrocities occurred behind them. This was the north gate of the Confederate prison Andersonville. The evil that went on in here is hard to believe, and even harder when you think that it was done to men who just a few years earlier were your countrymen. How different times must have been then. During my tour of the grounds in late 2006 I tried to keep in mind that this was hallowed ground because of that. The goal in this prison was just to survive long enough to get rescued, and about a fourth of them did not due to various forms of the terrible conditions. I first learned of the prison because of a nineties TNT movie simply named Andersonville. I was amazed at how to stay alive the prisoners turned on each other. This is a part of our history that should be remembered so that something like this does not happen again.

Technical Data

This shot was another easy one using a Lightroom preset. I just simply used the sepia preset that is included with Lightroom. It was a subtle change, but enough that I felt it conveyed a sense of history. The sky was cloudless that day so the shot needed something to give it some punch. Funny how taking the color away can provide that.


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