I Saw It on the Radio

Photo of the Day

A couple of weeks ago I saw a recording of ‘A Prairie Home Companion’ live here at Purdue. This was my second time seeing the show live, and I really enjoyed it. It is basically an old time radio show that host Garrison Keillor puts on every week. Before going to the show I had heard that Old Crow Medicine Show would be performing on the show along with the Purdue Glee Club. I had never heard of the band before the show. I really thought that their first set was similar music to other bluegrass bands. When they came back out thought they performed a song entitled “Ways of Man” that I really liked. I snapped this shot shortly after that as Keillor sang a song with the band. They really did a fine job on the night, and by that night I had some of their music downloaded from iTunes.

I thought that this shot was a good one to post from the show as it had a few of the elements that I enjoyed. Of course you have the ringleader Garrison Keillor singing on the left. His backing band can be seen behind him as well. Old Crow Medicine Show is also featured here although the bass player is hiding from me. I also like how the house that sets the stage gives everything a good background. I was not sure how this shot would turn out. I didn’t know if I could use my camera or not so I shot very quickly when I thought that it would not be noticed. I am sure the people around me had to wonder what was going on.

Technical Data

This shot was giving me some trouble. I was walking the line between getting the light to look right in the photo and getting the people in it to look real. I tried many combinations of the sliders in Lightroom to mixed results. The picture looked alright to me, but it was just missing that punch that I was looking for. I decided to try something that I thought might work. I applied one of Matt Kloskowski’s presets to the shot to see what it looked like. I have many presets some from very well known photographers including Matt in Lightroom, but I keep going back to these six presets most of the time. I really like the look that they produce. They were well worth the price of free. If you want you own you can click here.

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