iPhone Friday: A Good Book and a Beach

iPhone Photo of the Week

The way things have been going lately this really looks like a great option. I think that I need a vacation to just relax and read a good book. I have titled this weekly segment iPhone Friday, but I seem to be bent on posting pictures from everything but my iPhone. This was taken in Ocean City this past July with my fairly new iPad 3. I thought that it was close enough for the sake of this post, and I liked it better than anything that I had taken with my phone this week. I would like to get into the groove of taking a picture worthy of this post every week with my phone. That has just not happened the past couple of weeks. Maybe things will change in the future.

Technical Data

Nothing was done to this picture after I took it using the Camera+ app on my iPad. I guess instead of leaving this section nearly blank I could talk about why and how this was taken. I was sitting on the beach reading my book when I realized that I loved how everything looked ahead of me. I thought that I would take this shot to send back home to all of those not on vacation. I really enjoyed the book, and I even went back a few pages so that a good number was showing. I picked some light reading for the trip so the Litigators by John Grisham seemed about right. No need for heavy reading while on vacation.

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