Rock On

Photo of the Day

This was a photo that I took just for fun. I was in Indy looking over the town with all of the Super Bowl signage up when I saw a couple of music acts. One was on a smaller stage where I was able to pretend I was a concert photographer for a while. The on the Verizon Stage Jon McLaughlin was playing. I took a few shots just because I liked the background. with the lead singer out front. I never knew if this would see the light of day, but I thought that I would post it tonight for a little fun. I love the challenge of getting pictures with the varying degrees of light. I have yet to get even close to mastering this, but that is what practice is all about.

Technical Data

I brought this photo into Lightroom to see what I could do. I did manage to get some of the color highlights to show up like I saw on the day. I really like the idea of the photo, but for some reason I could not get the colors right. At the last minute before posting this I had an idea. I went back into Lightroom to try some presets on the pictures. I ended up trying Matt Kloskowski’s Sports Game Day (Strong) on this one, and I loved it. I tweaked the results just a bit, and I liked it even more.

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