The Sun Sets Over Purdue

Photo of the Day

Sometimes something unexpected happens when you go out for a shoot. While I was waiting for the supermoon to rise earlier in the year I was on top of a large parking garage in Lafayette. I quickly realized that the sunset was going to be amazing as well. I set up my camera towards campus to capture this picture. I had no intention of getting a sunset shot as I thought the scenery at my location was not too great. I am glad that I take the time to look around while shooting. Sometimes you can capture the unexpected that way. It usually works the other way as I have to look behind me while shooting the sunset. That lesson helped me capture a good one.

Technical Data

This was a three shot HDR image that was processed in Photomatix Pro. I processing things a bit differently in May so I did all my slider work in Photomatix. I liked the result, but I thought that it could be a bit better. Before posting this I adjusted a couple of sliders in Lightroom to make the picture a bit grittier. I really love this image, and I think that in the future I may process it again using my new technique of taking the image back to Lightroom to process.


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