Day 226: Lafayette At Sunset

Last night we were eating dinner with some friends at a new restaurant in Lafayette. Where we sat had an open courtyard, and of course I was facing the courthouse. When we sat down I purposely tried to sit on the other side of the table so that I wouldn’t be distracted, but I tricked myself and sat looking with the view that you see above. As the sun set I kept watching it filter through the tree on the right. I am sure that I lost the conversation a couple of times during that time. Just as the sun went out of view I picked up my iPhone and snapped this shot with Camera+. I didn’t take my camera bag to the restaurant so the phone was my only option. Of course it didn’t grab the view as I had hoped it would so I ran it through some filters to see what it would do. The HDR filter just puts a halo around the building. This has really always been the case with the filter. The people responsible for the app must have only seen bad HDR images so far. I settled on one with an old timey kind of feel to it. It looked great on my phone, but now on here it does not look so great. I guess that means that I will have to come up with something really good today to get this image off of my computer. I know that I will get some pictures at the bout tonight featuring the Naptown Third Alarm and the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls, but I think a good landscape is in order. We will see I guess. With no clouds in the sky for days now landscapes have kind of been lost in my mind.

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