A Miniature Wrigley

I think that when my 365 days are up for this project that I will continue to post a photo a day. Some of those will still be taken that day, but others may come from the past. This is kind of an experiment with that in mind. This was taken during the football game between Illinois and Northwestern at Wrigley Field a couple of years ago. I had the zoom lens on my DSLR and I didn’t want to swap it out to get a shot down to the crowd still outside the stadium. I pulled out my iPhone and took the picture that you see above. At the time it really did not do anything for me so it sat on my camera. A couple of weeks ago I started playing around with the Snapseed app for my phone. It has a feature where you can make a picture appear to have been taken with a tilt shift camera. I have always loved those shots so I looked for something on my phone to use it on. This picture of Wrigley came up, and I gave it a shot. I liked how it turned out basically making the neighborhood look smaller than it really was. I shared this photo that day on my photography page on Facebook, but I thought that maybe others would like to see it as well.

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