Prepared for Battle

sacred city roller derby

Photo of the Day

Last year while in California I was able to see a bout while there. I went to see the Sacred City Derby Girls in Roseville, CA. I was still very green when it came to derby, but I did manage to get a couple of shots that I liked. This is one of the shots that I liked. I think the ease in the face of the jammer compared to the pain in the other faces really shows how the bout went. I may get a chance to see some derby this weekend again, and I have a lot more knowledge behind me if I do.

Follow My Journey

This is my first trip actively using Instagram. If you want to follow along with my trip follow me on Instagram at pinolaphoto. During the trip I hope to show the journey as well as a couple of sneak peaks at what is to come on the blog later.

Technical Data

This was one of the first images that I used the ‘300 look’ preset by Matt Kloskowski on. I wanted some pictures with some red in them to try it out on, and I thought it might work good here. I love how this looks, and I still like the look. I have not messed around with this as much as I could have since that time, but maybe a few instances this weekend will help me find another use for the preset.

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