Another Inning Of Baseball

Catching An Inning Of Baseball

Last night my plan was to see some baseball at Loeb Stadium for the first time this year. Things came up, and that was not in the cards for me. I realized that I could see one more matchup at Bob Friend Field as the JV team was playing down there. We showed up in the 5th inning so I knew that my time was limited. A big inning for Jeff changed everything. Instead of having three innings of baseball we ended up with just one. It was a fun little trip though, and I was able to see a little baseball during a busy week.

The Extreme One Inning Challenge

Normally when I play my one inning challenge game I know in advance that I have an inning to make photos. Last night the game dictated that it was a one inning challenge. With my little one I really did not move like I normally would have. I was taking a slower approach to the game. I was able to show her a couple of things on the diamond though so it was a good trip to the park. Any time that we can learn something while there it is worthwhile. A few photos for the blog is an added bonus. Below are a few bonus photos from our trip to the park.

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