Tuesday Tip: Stay Late

Stay A Little After The Game

As I said in my post earlier today I only had one chance to photograph the Purdue basketball team this season. I made the most of it by arriving early and staying late. Last week I talked about getting to the game early. You can make a lot of good photos before a game starts. Once the game is over you can also add to your gallery by trying to find postgame moments. This is one of my favorite photos of the year. You have a genuine moment between Zach Edey and Bill Raftery well after the game was over. I could have ran back into the media room to get my gallery out a little quicker. I would rather take a few moments though and make a few extra photos on the court. In this case I was glad that I stuck around.

Postgame Emotion

If your team wins you have all kinds of photos that you can make. If you read this blog then you know that I love to capture emotion. In a sport like basketball you are not always in the best position to do so. After the game though you can put yourself in position to make some good photos. In a sport like baseball sometimes you have a long way to go to get that emotion. Here in basketball though you don’t have quite as much ground to cover.

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