Finally Visiting The Fowler Mansion

Finally Getting To See The Fowler Mansion

I moved back here to this area about twelve years ago now. Before that I lived here as a student at Purdue. In all of that time I had never visited the Fowler House until Sunday. We had a nice brunch and then spent some time exploring in and about the house. It is an amazing house on the hill that is from another time. The way that everything is ornately finished is just something that you don’t see much of anymore. I think that both kids had ideas of future parties in and outside of this house as we moved around. I know it as a wedding venue and it really is a perfect place for a wedding.

When Life Imitates Art

Before we left for brunch I finished a book by a local author. It is called The Siren And The Spector, and was written by Jonathan Janz. I won’t ruin the book for you, but I will say that it is centered around an old house that is haunted. When I first walked into the Fowler House I was struck with the fact that it looked very similar to how I had envisioned the Alexander home in the book to look. While waiting for our food my little one and I went upstairs to check things out. The upstairs was a little warm as these homes can be except for one room which was exceptionally cold. It immediately made me think of the book that I had just finished and how the haunted room was ice cold. I saw the way this chair was decorated and I had the thought that I might not be too far off. We moved to another room before the attic door opened. If you haven’t checked out the books by Jonathan Janz yet give them a shot. They are quick reads that pull you into another world. Sometimes you find that world in real life too.

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