A Foggy Walk At Purdue

 A Foggy Walk Around Purdue

Early in the year I really wanted to get out and make some photos. The constant fog and cloudy skies were not ideal though. I really leaned into the fog though and decided to embrace it. One night before school was back in session my little one and I went up to campus to make some foggy photos. The fog was lifting as we were walking so we tried to get as much as we could before the effect was lost. It was a fun trip with a little clock to keep us moving.

The Ghost Bus

We parked near Harry’s to start our trip, and it was the first building that I made photos of. I was having some fun with the cars going by streaking their lights. When a City Bus came through the frame I thought that it might be cool. I showed my daughter the result and she immediately called it a ghost bus. I think that I have to agree with her.

My Assistant In Front Of The Camera

These trips with my little one are always fun. She gets to see what a madman her father really is. In this scene I knew that a person in the frame would make it complete. She agreed to be that person, but in her style she came strutting through the frame. I was not sure that was the best idea, but when I saw the final product I knew that it was perfect. Below are a few bonus photos from our walk on campus.

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