Top Stadium Photos Of 2022

My Favorite Stadium Photos Of 2022

This has always been one of my favorite posts to think about as the year goes on. When I go to a new stadium or even one that I have been to many times I always try and think of a way to photograph it for this list. When galleries used to be a thing it was a great intro to the gallery or even a good way to break things up in them. To me it is also a great way to merge my love of landscape and sports photography together. In the past few years the amount of stadiums that I have visited has really gone down. In fact the list this year is entirely from inside of my county. That really needs to change this year. Here are my favorite stadium photos from this past year.

Early in the year I tried something different. I had the idea of merging several snokeh photos together for one big snokeh panoramic image. I didn’t know if it would work, but this seemed like a great place to try it out. It turned out very nicely, and might be the first photo that I liked from this vantage point. Of course Purdue will probably blow it by winning the Big Ten this year meaning that the signage will change. I will have to do it all over again. That would be okay.

This is a part of campus that I always liked photographing. I don’t know what the actual name for it is, but I always called it the corridor. I am glad that I made this last image though because they took down that nice glass artwork and replaced it with a very cheap looking sign with donor names on it.

Here in February the melting snow let me make a nice reflection photo at sunset of Bob Friend Field. This year the Coach Wood era of Red Devil baseball starts, and I hope that I get to photograph a few wins on this field.

After seeing the nice reflection above I went up to campus to find some more. Here at the Purdue football complex I made this nice reflection image. This is a building that looks great, but is very hard to photograph. That black fence and all of the signs on it just doesn’t look that great in an image. Here some cloning and the dark of night allowed me to get rid of most of that.

The t-shirt game is by far my favorite basketball game of the year. I was at the first game by pure chance, and I have not missed one over the years. With photography space limited this year this is the only game that I applied to get into. With the new camera restrictions a credential is the only way that I can get my camera into the stadium. If the credential request is denied then the streak will have to stay alive with the iPhone.

BIG 10 Championships

I have been super lucky and through the years I have been on the deck for every Big Ten Championship that Purdue has hosted in their pool since I started. This year Minnesota put their faith in me for the championships to let that streak keep going. I really wanted a photo of the new signage in the pool so when my team had an of race I ran upstairs to make this photo.

Since it has been built I bet that I have made more photos of Bittinger Stadium than any other. Its location is perfect for sunset photos in the off season. This is the first year when I didn’t make it out there for a sunset photo. It is a great stadium though, and here it looked pretty good during the National Anthem.

Here Bittinger hosts the IHSAA State title game under a beautiful blue hour sky. The rain came in and delayed the game, but it just meant that we had some great light to start things off. When Bittinger is packed it is a much different stadium. Here it looks pretty good from a couple of angles.

This year was another fun year working with the Lafayette Aviators. The new stadium is great, but it makes it hard sometimes to make a good sunset photo. Here I stitched a few frames together to make one large pano showing how great the sky looked on this night.

This year I had some fun with an infrared camera at the ballpark. It was a fun experiment to see the light a little different. This photo from outside of Loeb Stadium is one of those images. If you would like to see the full post from my infrared homestead you can find it here.

Opening night for Purdue soccer has become a tradition of packing Folk Field. I went up after seeing some of the game and how good the light was. I wanted a good Folk Field sunset photo. It was a beautiful night for soccer, and I am amazed at how many people were there to see it.

With a storm to the north I went up to a parking garage on campus to try and make some lightning photos. I had a couple of big strikes just out of frame, but never that great photo. This one was one of my favorites from that night though.

With no pass to the opening game for Purdue I bought a ticket to get in. I picked a spot with this photo in mind. Just before this though the students started taking over our section. Apparently they oversold the student tickets so they just started to take over the stadium. We were packed in so close I had to tilt my screen down on my camera on hold my camera as high over my head as I could. I really like how this turned out.

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