Top Warbler Photos Of 2022

My Favorite Warbler Photos Of 2022

This was a year when I didn’t see as many warblers as in years past. Some of that is how busy I was in the fall this year. I still made some warbler photos that I liked. Here are a few of my favorites from this past year.

Sometimes you just want a clean background for a portrait. Here I got one with this yellow-rumped warbler.

For some reason I hear music from the Phantom of the Opera playing when I see this photo. The palm warbler might be my favorite warbler, and this was my favorite image from this past year.

A yellow warbler actually pausing for a second is a beautiful thing. Here I get a couple of seconds with one.

It took some patience and a couple of trips to the bog, but I did manage to make this photo of a yellow-throated warbler.

This prothonotary warbler found the perfect spot to pose for me one day out at the bog. The blue water made for the perfect background to make this bird pop.

Again patience helped me make another photo here as I had to wait for this northern parula to come down from the tree tops. It did a couple of times including here where it was singing to find a mate.

A prothonotary warbler peaking out from under a log is a pretty cool thing. I am glad that I was there to capture this.

When the redbud looks this good I am okay with making the bird a little smaller in the frame. This might be more of a nature photography than a bird photo, but I like it.

Another prothonotary warbler photo. This time it is trying to find its mate that was down the shore.

A northern parula singing at Happy Hollow Park this past spring.

This last photo was one of my few fall warbler photos. A little patience though allowed one to finally come into this fiery background that I found. This is one of those cases where I found my background and just waited for the bird to fly into it. I was rewarded with a fun photo here.


One thing that I realized in writing this is how lucky that I was the few times that I was out at the bog this year. I need to get out there more this coming year to let some more luck come my way.

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