The Savannah Sparrow On A Wire

Seeing The Savannah Sparrow Again

One day I was out for a drive trying to see if there were any owls or harriers in a familiar spot. Usually I can find something out here as the weather starts to get colder. I have only seen this bird a couple of times, and both of those times were in almost the exact spot where I made this photo. I don’t know much about them, but apparently they are creatures of habit. Here with the mid morning sun and a nice background I was able to make a photo that I really liked.

The Backup Plan

As I said above I went out to make photos of owls or harriers. I did not see any owls, and the harriers were all flying away from me. I made this photo very early on in my drive so I knew that I had something for my efforts. My main plan did not really come through, but this backup plan worked out pretty well.

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