Goldfinch Time

Watching The Goldfinches Out Front

Every year our coneflowers go to seed and the goldfinch come in an grab the seed. I end up looking like a loony person sitting out front in the driveway in a chair with a huge lens pointed back at my house. It is worth looking crazy though when the birds cooperate. The bonus side of this is that these flowers are right outside of my office so while I am typing this I can watch them feed as well. As I typed that last sentence I glanced over and saw three out there doing their thing.

When The Plans Change

This week I thought that I had four baseball games to cover. I planned the blog based on that. Of course mother nature stepped in last night and canceled one of the games. With only two games left in my baseball season this year I really want these last two games to happen. It is going to be a long winter without baseball.

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