Come To Your Senses

Come To Your Senses

A week ago I knew that my posts were going to be mine to decide for the next week. When I make sports photos I always feel like they have to get out as soon as possible. With a week with no sports on the schedule I could have some fun on the blog. While I was thinking about that fact I was watching Tick, Tick…Boom with my oldest. It was my second time seeing the movie, and this time the message was much more clear to me. The film is really about failure. The musical that Jonathon Larson is working on for the entire movie is rejected. There is a line where he asks what he should do now and his agent tells him to move on to the next one. After the last couple of years in sports photography this was something that I could relate to. Being told that you are not needed anymore and that what you have worked for has no value is rough. Jonathon picked himself up off of the floor and made one of the most successful musicals of all time. Sometimes you find the right movie to watch at the right time. This was great timing for this movie as I try and find where photography takes me next.

A Great Idea

After the next few days I have one sports job on the schedule. That means that the blog is much more open for some fun. In 2020 I had a week where I just posted Hamilton titles for the titles of my posts. As this past week went on I had more fun trying to find lyrics to go along with the titles to work into the post. In the future it would be really fun to go out and make photos with a week like this in mind. After almost eleven years of posting a photo a day on here anything new is exciting. This will be a fun way to get through the fall and winter.

2 Replies to “Come To Your Senses”

  1. I look forward to your photos and posts! I love finding the “right movie to watch at the right time” or having the perfect book to recommend to someone at the right moment. I usually don’t re- watch movies or re-read books, but when I do, it’s interesting to see what I pick up the second time around.

    This was the first summer since 2007 that our son wasn’t playing baseball. Although I knew he wouldn’t be in any of your shots, I still looked forward to seeing the moments on the field that you captured this season!

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