Slowing Down Time At Loeb Fountain

One thing that my Lee Big Stopper is good for is making long exposures at any time of the day. Here it let me have a long exposure to show the movement of the water at the Loeb Fountain. I love these types of photos because as long as the people in the fountain keep moving then they are not included in the photo. Sometimes you are left with ghostly artifacts of the people that I think are fairly interesting for the photo. With school starting again soon we probably only have a couple more fountain runs in us this year. We will have to make them really count.

A Change Of Pace

After many straight days of baseball photos we are in a little lull as far as sports goes. Next week I have four baseball games left in my season and then my next sporting event is on the second weekend of September. Sports can be the easy way out when you have to post a photo a day, but this fall I will have to work a little harder as the sports schedule is pretty empty for the first time in a very long time. The good news is that I have a pretty full campus that still has many spots that I have not explored yet. This will be an interesting fall as for the first time in a decade I really have no plan moving forward as far as sports are concerned. It will take some adjustment, but my goal is to channel that into the other areas of my photography that actually make money.

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