The Lafayette Aviators Win In Walkoff Fashion On Opening Night

An Exciting Opening Night For The Lafayette Aviators

Last night I was back at Loeb Stadium for the first time in 2022. Opening day is always an exciting day full of activities leading up to the game. I had a softball game that started at the same time as this game so I missed the majority of the beginning. I showed up in the 7th inning as the sky was starting to light up. It was great seeing some familiar faces in the Aviator dugout. This was a very fun team to watch last year. They had a lot of heart, and they were always ready for that late game comeback. A lot of those faces were part of the comeback last night. It started with a hit by returning second baseman Mike Snyder and ended with a walk to another returning Aviator Jack Lang. Last summer covering this team was so much fun. This year they are starting right where they left off last year it looks like.

A Great Baseball Sky For Game One

As I said above the light was amazing when I walked into the stadium. I quickly found a couple of positions to make some photos of the beautiful sunset for game one. This is a fun new park, and I still have not made my best sunset photo at it yet. That one will be fun to make.

More Photos From The Game

Here are a few bonus photos from a fun night at the park. The Aviators are in town for the next couple of days so come on out and enjoy some great baseball.

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