A Yellow-rumped Warbler In The Red Bud Tree

More With The Yellow-rumped Warbler

The yellow rumped-warbler is probably the most common warbler that makes its way through the Celery Bog every year. It gets to a point where you really need a special perch or you don’t make photos of them. If I photographed every one that I saw I would fill up my memory cards fairly quickly. Of course when something like the photo above happens you will make a few frames of it. This could not have been much better, and it was exactly what I had been waiting and hoping for.

When The Birds Cooperate

As the year moves on the trees and bushes are starting to green up a little bit. Any color in the photo is a good thing. Most of the time the birds do not like to forage for food in the red bud tree. Here this one used this perch as a place to rest a little. I wish that they would all rest in such a great spot. The photos would be a lot easier. Of course if the photos get too easy it is not as much fun to make them.

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