The Belted Kingfisher At The Celery Bog

Finally A Closer Look At The Belted Kingfisher

One bird that I have chased for several years now is the belted kingfisher. This is a bird that I have gotten some decent looks at, but never a really great look. Monday morning at the Celery Bog that changed. I was having some fun panning with the geese when this bird flew in and perched just across from me. I quickly switched to a normal photography mode to make some photos of it. It did not stay long, but it did stay long enough for me to have some fun and make some photos that I liked.

A Busy Week

This is going to be a busy week of photography for me. That is a great thing, but before the craziness starts I wanted to get out and make some images for me. I didn’t know what I would find at the Celery Bog, but I knew that something had to be there. I ended up having way too much fun making geese photos. Those will post tomorrow. With a busy week I am intentionally getting a couple of days behind on the blog to give me some time to write later in the week. I hope that you like swimming photos because this blog will be filled with them in a few days.

2 Replies to “The Belted Kingfisher At The Celery Bog”

  1. I saw a kingfisher once or twice the entire time I walked at McDowell Preserve in Naperville. I got a couple shots with my telephoto the first time but that was it. This one’s a good one.

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