My First Backyard Birds Post Of The Winter

The Backyard Birds In The Snow

In late December I had a day when I had pretty much written off any kind of photography. It was gloomy and rainy. It wasn’t even a good rain that would make for any kind of decent photos. Then the snow started up, and things got very interesting. All of the birds in the backyard started going for the food. They could care less about me so I was able to make some fun photos. The normally shy tufted titmouse decided to get very close to me and perch. It was not a perfect perch, but I will take it.

More Photos From A Fun Winter Day In The Backyard

Below are a few bonus photos from my time photographing the birds in the backyard. At some point I bailed on the backyard birds and went down to the river to look for eagles. You have probably already seen that photo of the eagle in the snow by now. My day went from one where I didn’t think that I would make any photos to making a few that I liked. Those are always the best days.

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