My Favorite Images: Purdue vs. Wisconsin

A Look Back At My Favorite Games Against Wisconsin

This is not a serious that I have particularly fond memories of. With a few exceptions Wisky has gotten the better of Purdue more often than not. Tomorrow is as good of a day as any though to change that. Here are a few photos from these two teams playing that I like for one reason or another.

This one is not here for the game. In fact it was not much of a game at all. It was a fun weekend though. I started it off by seeing an amazing live performance of the Marx Brothers play Animal Crackers at the Goodman Theater in Chicago. I then drove up to Wisconsin to sleep a little before heading to Camp Randall. The atmosphere and the fans were exactly what I expected them to be. Purdue did not do so well, but I did get a good game day experience out of it. The next day I was able to see my first game in Lambeau Field as well. Favre led his team to the win, but unfortunately that team was the Vikings that day. My teams didn’t win, but I had a good experience overall.

I made this photo in 2014. It was my first game with my brand new Canon 7D Mark II. I thought that I was ready to do big things. I quickly found out that the people hyping up the camera were doing just that. For a while though that 7D Mark II was my main camera. When I look back at the games to make these posts I always think of how the images could be better. It is still fun to see the journey that I have been on though.

The rest of these images are from the classic 2018 game. I actually had to leave the game at one point because I was wet, and I had to make images at the volleyball game. When I left the game was still tied in the second overtime so I will just assume that Purdue won. I could look it up, but why bother? With the crowd blacked out this was a fun wide angle photo to make.

Man was Rondale Moore fun to watch. Here he leaves yet another defender in the dust racing for a score. He really was something.

Here I was able to keep pace with Rondale as he took the field for the second half of that 2018 game against Wisconsin. As the team was ready to come out for the half I loved the blue sky. I just needed one player separated from the rest to make a photo. This was probably one of the best players that I could have hoped for.

This photo has nothing to do with the game, but it does feel like it belongs on here. I made this at the BTN Tailgate show before Purdue played Wisconsin in 2018. Tyler Trent was a guest of the show. We only had a short time left with him, but I wanted to help document that time. Tyler was a remarkable young man that really used his time wisely and made a huge difference. This photo actually was picked to be on the cover of his book. This week BTN Tailgate is back, and it is Purdue’s annual Hammer Down Cancer game. The only thing missing is our friend Tyler.

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