West Lafayette Soccer Wins Their Fifth Sectional In A Row

Winning Five Straight Sectionals

Saturday I left baseball early to head to the West Side soccer field to photograph the second half of their match. I liked the idea of some playoff emotion. The photo above is an idea that I had going into the game, but things just didn’t work out for me. I thought I had the right location picked for the celebration, but it shifted away from me and I missed it. The best part about photography is the celebration photos, and I was not happy with what I made Saturday.

A Weird Day

I walked away from the match feeling like I had not made many good photos on Saturday. I think that all of that stems from my negative thoughts about my celebration photos. Looking back on the gallery I think that I did an alright job of capturing the action for being there less than a half. I think that I had that chip on my shoulder a little the next day at the Purdue soccer match. I feel that I made a much better gallery there.

High School Soccer Coming To A Close

As I write this I think that I have the possibility of two more high school soccer matches this week. Tonight and tomorrow Harrison host early regional games for their women’s and men’s teams. More than likely those will be the last two unless some crazy scenario happens. In all it was a fun year, and I was able to photograph a new venue, as well as return to West Side for the first time in a few years.

More Photos From The Match

You can find my gallery from the match here. It was only a half of action, but it was fun. If you are really bored today maybe you will click on the link here to see my favorite photos from last week too. I ended up at the West Side soccer field three times during the week.

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