Purdue Softball vs. Indiana Game Three

Purdue Breaks Out The Pinstripes For Game Three Of Their Series Against Indiana

Friday night I thought that I was looking at the best Purdue softball uniforms. Then Saturday rolls around and they come out in these pinstripes. It is hard to choose between the two uniforms. I am writing this after the Sunday game, and I can tell you that those are pretty great as well.

In Game Portraits

I have always enjoyed making these in game portraits. I had my 400 at the game so the background would be even better for these. Above is one of my favorites from the day. I always say that part of my job is to bring the viewer into the game in a way that they cannot be from the stands. Now that I am in the stands that job is much harder. Things like this are a great way to still be able to do that.

Photos From The Game

Here is the gallery from game three of this series. I have been thinking about better ways to get the gallery out, and breaking it out from the main photo post is one of those ways. I think that in the future that photo post will go out much sooner than this post will. After nearly ten years of blogging a photo a day any change to the site is an exciting one for me.

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