Purdue Softball vs. Indiana Game One

The First Of Four Against Indiana At Bittinger Stadium

Last night I went out to Bittinger Stadium to see Purdue take on Indiana. With weather moving into the area Saturday the scheduled doubleheader for Saturday was moved to Friday night. The early start meant that I couldn’t be at the ballpark for the first pitch, but I would be able to catch most of game one and stay for game two. It was a beautiful night for softball so I was glad for two games.

Using The Wall

I love the motion P on the wall at Bittinger Stadium. I am constantly trying to move it into my backgrounds. Luckily softball has a slower pace like baseball so that you can move when you have an idea for a photo. The smaller dimensions of the softball stadium really make moving much easier.

The Home Whites

When I saw these jerseys for the home opener I knew that I wanted to photograph them. They look so good and they really pop against the backdrops of Bittinger.


I started to notice some of the cool cleats that the players had yesterday, and I was trying to find ways to make photos of them. Getting a lead off of first base was one place to do that. It is a simple photo, but one of my favorites from the day.

Gallery From The Game

I have been breaking the photo gallery out of the game post lately, and I have liked how it turns out. You have the gallery that goes out earlier than this post for those who don’t want to read my drivel. Then if for some reason you want to read my thoughts on the photos you can read this post later in the day. I may continue to do this for a while. So far the wordless post is getting many more views. You can see that full gallery here.

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