A Fun Night At Gordon Leming Field

Another New Stadium

Last night I made photos inside of Gordon Leming Stadium for the first time. This has been a long time coming. In 2019 while making football photos next door with my friend Mark I looked at the stadium and saw just how cool it is. When the 2020 schedule came out I marked down a few dates to make sure that I could get out there to see it in person. We all know how that turned out. It was good to finally make it in to see some baseball. With no midweek games this year I made a goal to visit every high school field in the area. This is the second straight week that I have seen the Knights play as it turned out. I love this stadium, and I plan on coming back again to try out a couple of other ideas that I came up with after the light went away. After making no baseball photos in 2020 my goal this year is to make far more baseball photos than I ever have before. We are off to a good start on that goal right now.

Getting Low

I love getting low for photos of players sliding. I will kill my knees to make photos of players getting back into first base. Here I had rocks trying to break into my skin, but it was completely worth it for a couple of photos of Knights players getting back into first. I missed this vantage point, and Leming Field has a perfect spot to make these photos.

Familiar Vantage Points

This stadium had a familiar setup. It really reminded me of the way that Lambert Field was set up. I loved the way that you could walk around and make photos at Lambert. Purdue moved into a much better stadium, but the photo spots at Lambert could not be beat. It was fun having some of those photo spots back. Behind the plate is one of those spots. You can walk around back there and pick any spot that you want to make images from. That is a great thing to have, and I would love to go back and try these spots out on some new pitchers again.

Finding Photo Locations

One fun thing about a new stadium is finding things to put into your backgrounds. Leming Field has plenty of those. I knew that I wanted to put as much of the Knights logos into my backgrounds as possible. It is fun to come up with new ways to do that. Next time that I visit the park the challenge will be to put those backgrounds into my photos in a new way.

Photo Gallery From The Game

I am trying something new with this game. Instead of having the normal images at the bottom of this post I put them in a separate gallery that I published earlier this morning. You can find that gallery here.

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