More With The Owlets

Paying Another Visit To The Owlets

Things have been busy lately which is a good thing. Yesterday I made some time to head out to the bog to see the owlets and maybe their mom. I knew that the light wouldn’t be the best, but this is when I could get out. The owls are growing so fast I didn’t want to miss much more time.

So Big

The owls have grown so big! It is no wonder that the mom is not in the nest as it looks like it could get pretty tight in there. I assumed that she was near the nest somewhere, but I could not find her by looking around. Soon though we will get the chance to see these owls try their luck at leaving the nest.

3 Replies to “More With The Owlets”

    1. I have been trying to walk the fine line between giving them space and getting out there more. They are growing so fast though that I think I need to head out more than I have been.

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