My Backyard Birds: The White-breasted Nuthatch

Seeing The White-breasted Nuthatch Up Close At Home

Last Saturday I had a great encounter with a white-breasted nuthatch at the Celery Bog. I made a couple of photos that I liked. One of them I posted right away, and one of them I was saving for a rainy day so to speak. Well as luck would have it I saw another nuthatch at home on a rainy day. I had just returned from the Celery Bog and this guy was on my tree with a friend. It seemed much more vibrant than the other one so I guessed this was a young nuthatch. It gave me a couple of good poses and then I closed the window and let it eat.

Making A Habitat In The Yard

I spend some time yesterday arranging some things in the backyard for a better wildlife photography habitat. I let the garden go this year because the birds loved it. I trimmed some of that back so that it would make for better photos. I also placed a couple of different kinds of feeders around our big tree in the back as well so that the birds could use it as cover. A little pruning down low made sure that I will have good backgrounds and no limbs in the way of the birds as I make photos from my window. This could be a long winter so having photos in my backyard could be a great thing. We will see how this all turns out as the season moves on.

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