The Carolina Wren At The Celery Bog

An Unexpected Trip

Yesterday my daughter asked to go and hangout at the Celery Bog. I can tell you that going to the bog to watch her dad look at birds is not often on the top of her list. She wanted a walk in the woods though so we went out. This time of year you really have to search for the birds in the woods and the waterfowl like to hang out far away from the viewing locations so there is not much to photograph for me. It was still nice to just get out and go for a walk at the bog. I miss those daily walks.

A Familiar Sound

We were almost back to the car when I heard a familiar sound. It was a Carolina Wren calling. The bird was just off the trail and in a good spot to make photos of it. I had only pulled my camera out twice before on the trip which is rare for me. I spent a couple of minutes with the bird before allowing it to enjoy the mild day. It gave me quite a few poses which is enough so why not let it go back to what it was doing? This year I think that my bird photography will be a little different. I have seen so many people doing it for the gram that I think I will pull back even more to try and counter balance that. If you are startling the birds just for a good photo you are doing it wrong.

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