Full Circle

When Things Come Around Back To The Beginning

Yesterday I saw the 2020 Purdue women’s basketball guide for the first time. I realized that my photo was on the cover of it. I immediately thought back to my days in the stands watching and photographing from the sixth row. Art and Sharon helped me learn all about the team when I first bought my season tickets. It was either 2006 or 2007 when Art started telling me about the media guide and how he used it to come up with all of the facts that he would tell me. I bought my first copy because of Art, and of course I was out of town when they came in. When I came back from my trip I remember an employee that went out of their way to help me out to get my copy. I always wanted to write to someone to say what a great job she did, but I never knew who would be the best person to send it to. Later when she helped me with other things as I was working with Purdue I wished even more that I had written that letter about Marcia. It is funny what one post on Twitter can do. It can really make your day by bringing back some great memories of great times with great people. Art and Sharon made the games and the two hour drive each way worth it. It fills me with great pride to now know that I have my photo on the media guide for the team. I wish that I could show it to Art. I think that I like to sit on the side of the court so much because it reminds me of my seat not far from that position. I made many photos from that angle like the one above, and it is a fun way to do it again.

The Media Guide

You can find the media guide for this year here. During the virus everything has seemed to go to a virtual format, but I have to find out if there are physical copies of this thing. I don’t keep a lot of the things that my photos appear in anymore, but this would be a cool one to have. This is a weird year where it looks like I will not see the inside of Mackey Arena. It is pretty cool to see that I have at least made a mark on what then content this year in some way.

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