The Northern Shoveler At The Celery Bog

The Northern Shoveler Flies By

Sunday during my walk at the Celery Bog I only saw a group of Northern Shovelers for a very short period of time. They were hanging out far away from me and that does not make for very good photos. Luckily for me a group of them came in and flew right by me. Even better they landed right in front of where I was knelling on the ground.

A Couple Of Passes

The group of shovelers were nice enough to swim past me a couple of times before heading to a corner away from me. It is always nice when they give you some options to choose from later.

More Waterfowl Week Tomorrow

Tomorrow this week dedicated to waterfowl will continue. This has been a fun way to look at a day on the water at the Celery Bog.


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