Oh Deer!

Stumbling Into A Photo

Tonight I took a lap around the Celery Bog just before dark. I saw many birds out on the water, but as I always say I am a horrible birder. I have no idea what most of them are. I will have to look them up later. As I was walking the shoreline back to the car I noticed two deer standing in the woods eating. They really did not care that I was there. I tried to be quiet and move over a bit for a better angle, but they just watched me to it. They let me make a decent photo of them and then went back to eating. I thought about staying and making an even better photo, but I never think that it is polite to photograph people that are eating. The same might go for deer.

Waterfowl Week

Next week I had the thought of just posting a different waterfowl photo each day. If I do it right I can sort of take most of the week off from blogging and still put out a photo a day. Look for the first bird on the water tomorrow.

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